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TOM&DOMBig dreams and a small budget, that’s all they had. Lead actor/producer, Tom Broadwell and writer/producer/director, Dominique Adams met while working as fitness instructors on a cruise ship in 2008. The two were paired to lead the fitness department onboard the Spa and to share a tiny room as cabin mates.

The two quickly became best friends and a great team. Working, living and training together. A few beers here and there, many discussions about life, work, dreams, relationships and everything in between. Their contracts ended and “Tom and Dom” stayed in touch. Dominique decided to visit Tom in England before returning back home.

The discussion of “what do we do next” often came as a topic. Dominique often talked about his dream of making a film.

A life long passion. He wrote 3 screenplays at age 13 on a typewriter. He decides to share with Tom his latest storyline idea. Tom on his side shares his secret dream of acting in movies.“Wait a minute” Says Dominique. “Tom IS the character. He is David Grant.

He has a great delivery, calm and collected, British accent… PERFECT. And Tom can sell. If he can sell me on the character, he can play the role”.

Dominique wrote a few lines and Tom delivered. David Grant came to life. They decided to go for it. Dominique returns home, writes the script over two days and two nights.

The creation process began. Nobody will trust and invest their money with an unknown non-actor and a “nobody” writer/director. So they decide to do it on their own with a micro-budget, bringing all of their passion and commitment to making the best film they could within the means and the budget. Their goal was to deliver an intelligent and compelling story, credible acting and big budget image quality, Hollywood style (the movie was shot using 4K RED cameras).

Post-production was completed on the Spring 2010. After a full page article in the largest French newspaper in North America (Journal de Montreal), Dom received an email from the program directors at the Fantasia Int’l Film Festival, inviting them to submit their film.“Twisted Seduction” Premiered on July 14th, 2010 at Fantasia Festival. The reactions of the crowd were priceless and “Twisted Seduction” received great reviews from critics on the web and IMDB.

In 2013, SnagFilms acquired the International distribution rights for the 2010 version of Twisted Seduction. Their titles have been featured on more than 3.5 billion pageviews across its network. SnagFilms also owns IndieWIRE, an online publication covering the independent film industry.

The movie has now over 6 million views and is the #1 movie in the Snagfilms library.

If you wish to help supporting these self-financed filmmakers, you may donate any amount via PayPal.


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  1. It feels kind of futile to tell my opinion if it has no purpose other than to make the TS crew feel good (or bad) for a few minutes, 3 years after the movie was done , but I am pleased that you are maintaining this site. Well, here it is. I really enjoyed watching the movie, and I was pleasantly surprised by the last 20 seconds. I think the director/ producer/ writer, Dominique, has an undisputed talent. Convincingly, ineffective dating can be brutal – is true that you cannot be prepared for it even after a PhD program, where the entire system is based on very smart people looking at every potential error in the hard work of other very smart people. No-one is immune to deception, dullness, or to “no”. The movie’s idea is mildly twisted and somehow a modernized 1965’s The Collector. The reassurance rests on the fact that he is a Harvard graduate, and not a typical madman. But an educated mind is not necessarily a gentle or an open mind. His education is probably destined to impress at some level, but really, there is no “p”, “h” or “d” in romance. These being said, I shared the movie with some of my not at all “twisted” friends and they like it. A lot. Some people bury the dreams because they realize their limitations or get tired to challenge the status quo. But the saddest thing is to bury a dream because of the financial limitations. You, Dominique, have no artistic limitations, and I hope you don’t just get tired. I would be my pleasure to help, if you tell me how.

    • Gee!… That was quite a thorough review, love it! Also love that you took the time to write it so, many thanks for that. Glad that you enjoyed our little film!!

    • I completely agree with Lia! I saw this film cack in 2012 and ever since have been expecting more ‘twisted’ films from this talented crew. Don’t give up with just one film. There’s potential here so use it.The best part about this film is that at no point can you actually guess the twist, you are so convinced by David as he removes all the doubts of the victim(and the audiences’s) step by step. That is a tricky feat to achieve. So please make more movies!!!!!! Also hats off for still maintaining this website-shows the commitment to this film.

      p.s Please do inform this loyal fan on my email id when your next film comes out!!!!!

      • Thank you Romita! We appreciate all the nice comments. Be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook and check for updates there. PS: We WILL inform our loyal fan Romita :)

  2. Finally watched this after promising to for weeks, and I was not disappointed! It is rare for a movie to be simultaneously so probing and entertaining (in a somewhat twisted way), and the character of David Grant was made for Tom, so to speak. Similar to Lia, I am somewhat loathe to make a ‘blind’ donation, but do get in touch if/when you embark on your next venture and I would love to make a contribution.

  3. Wow, just goes to show, you don’t need a huge budget to make a great movie. For me, this film moved in a way that I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. My expectations kept changing ,throughout the film, and I had devised several possible endings in my head, none of which were correct. It is really hard to pull off a shocker ending on me. I always nail it. I’ve always said that a great ending can make a bad movie good, but in this case, it made a fantastic movie, exceptional! The acting of both leads was spot on, you chose wisely! Maybe for the sequel, you can get all the girls that were played by David, to get revenge :) Can’t wait to see your next film. Cheers!

    • WOW… what a great comment Cristianna! Reviews like these are what makes us want to pursue our dream and not give up. Many thanks again :) PS: Be sure to tell your friends! -Dom

  4. I am a big fan of twisted seduction. Its heated and tense and scary and romantic and crazy all at the same time. I was wondering if the filmmakers are making any other movies… possibly sequel? :)

    • Thanks Linsey! We’re glad to have you as a fan :) Our next film is in its fundraising stage, it will be a superhero movie. We’ve made a ‘fake’ trailer thus far to help us get financing. Here’s the ‘fake’ trailer.. hope you like.

  5. I just saw your movie “Twisted Seduction” today for the very first time. You did more with 30 grand than most do with 30 million. It was simply riveting. I rarely keep my eyes glued to the screen for the entire movie. Keep up the A+ /4 star work my friend. You’ve got a new fan in Virginia. Bravo.

    • WOW!… What an awesome comment Dave! So glad you enjoyed it :) Now go on… tell your twisted friends about it 😉

  6. This movie was just amazing. I had no knowledge of it until I ran across it on YouTube watching movies all night un able to sleep. I found it to be soo addicting to watch I just had to watch it twice back to back. Its obvious your choice of actors couldn’t of been picked any better. They must work well together which is probably a big help to making this movie work so well . I love the fact how it turned out to be the romance type as well as funny and a thriller. You usually see the kidnapping movies made with such harshness and reality in them but you dont see much compassion at all like this.Even though the ending was very unexpected i love how he gave her kindness in this movie and compassion. There’s diffidently great talent in every one of you and I look forward to you growing and making dreams come true and seeing more movies in the future to come especially if they include Tom in most of them. Hes a really talented actor for somebody who has never been in that type of business and his beautiful looks and accent are most diffidently a bonus for the ladies to watch

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