BRILLIANT! I have been waiting for a movie like this to come out for a long time!! Congrats boys, you did good! Now…where do we buy the DVD?


This film was amazing, thank you for taking a day full of stress and sadness and making me smile. It was brilliant!- Anthony, Via Facebook comments


He does have a twisted mind… I fell in love with David, his accent, his charm and other personalities… The ending just made me speechless. I love the movie so much. It was just so awesome! I hope you do a sequel of this.- Anonymous, Via


This film was brilliant! I just saw it today and it was amazing Everything was A1 , first rate plus I love the Miniature Golf reference early in the film too- Anthony, Via


This was really amazing, the script, the camera work, and the acting was truly impressive. Please continue doing whatever your doing, it was a pleasure to watch. THANKS!!- Anonymous, Via


I can not describe how much this movie got to me. It is amazing. The best mind-F*ck movie I have seen in ages. I usually am all over it and know everything, and I did not…. this is the most amazing movie I have seen in years and I am going to make all my friends watch it.If you make any more movies I will watch them….- Miriam, Via Youtube comments


My sister insisted me to watch the film.. I was a bit reluctant at first. But when it started i just couldn’t stop but finish. The movie was amazing. Even I fell love with David. And the ending just took it another level. .. loved the movie… keep making more like this..


BRILLIANT! I have been waiting for a movie like this to come out for a long time!! Congrats boys, you did good! Now…where do we buy the DVD?


Hey I would really like to see the sequel. And you guys should really make a sequel. I so thought that he was… ( ***REMOVED *** SPOILER ALERT ***) …please make a second one. I could donate one hundred or two hundred dont matter … I’m so going to tell all of my friends about this movie. I love watching kidnapping movies and this one was the BEST one ever. So please make another one!!!!


Hello, I come from Germany and I have 2 say that this movie was AWESOME OMG!!!! I cried at the end and the men is so hot *__* X) but i think the end should just be, that (***REMOVED***SPOILER ALERT***)… but the movie is STILL AWESOMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought they were the cutest couple!! I was so excited in the end when (**REMOVED SPOILER ALERT**). The ending was so shocking- I hate that I LOVED it! Please make another one!!


Amazing, just loved it…and just gonna spread it out 🙂 you have got a great future mate I wish you very good luck, cheeeerrrrsssss


Absolutely love this film. Beautifully made and fabulous acting. It has you questioning your own sanity due to the emotions you feel for the characters. A must watch, and the ending will leave you gobsmacked.


loved this movie. love love love love it


…..Indeed, your film has its unique, riveting, suspenseful, creative plot that will surely hook the fans and will boldly ask for more. Bravo! I am waiting for the possibility of its upcoming sequel. Lastly, I truly like this movie but I still do look forward for the remake. This film is worth to be publicized. I’ll recommend this as one of the best independent mind-fact films to my friends. Kudos!


Hey, congratulations for such an awesome movie. Liked it, thanks for making it Free to Watch, was searching for a movie like this. There were some very funny parts on it, specially the popcorn scene, it was really funny. Anyway, awesome movie


The movie is just perfect!! I loved it. You guys are geniuses. Congratulations!!


Hello from El Salvador!! C.A . You guys blew up my mind!!! how messed up this guys is, oh boy I can’t even tell I enjoy it so much! Must do a second part! Great job!


It’s a great film, a very interesting and new idea!! So good!!”


…The best part about this film is that at no point can you actually guess the twist, you are so convinced by David as he removes all the doubts of the victim (and the audiences’s) step by step. That is a tricky feat to achieve. So please make more movies!!!!!! Also hats off for still maintaining this website-shows the commitment to this film. p.s Please do inform this loyal fan on my email id when your next film comes out!!!!!”


Just wow! I don’t know what to say… oh yeah, I know: please do a Twisted seduction 2!!!!:)


I heard about this movie on a FSOG Facebook fanpage. Well, that wasn’t so bad, it was amazing! It felt like I took three blows to the gut with the ending! I was completely caught off guard! Kudos and by the way, I’m hoping for a sequel. God bless you!


Wow…this movie is simply amazing. Definitely one of my favorites! It kept me guessing and glued to the computer screen


Best movie ever @atwistedmovie you guys did an awesome job, I was so intrigued about how it would end, and THAT ENDING GENIUS! LOVE IT!!


hi there ,i am from Algeria 😀 this is the best movie ever !!! i watched it 5 times! i love it so much i really keep telling people about it; and god bless u guys that was hell of a work !!


It was just a blast, I’d never seen something like this, perfectly written and directed, you should definitely get an Academy Award, YOU GUYS F***CKIN’ ROCK! I will never forget it and I am going to share with everyone, I am writer and I wish I could ever write something like this in the future, congratulations!


Just watch @atwistedmovie the end is brilliant, love every single part of it. *Standing ovation*


Brilliant movie…l have enjoyed a lot!!! Fantástica!


TOTALLY! i’m hooked! i’m gonna spread this to my friends!


Please do more movies !! Cast was so awesome very believable story was even better!!!


I am pretty much obsessed with this movie now. Just found it last week and I have watched it twice and keep watching my “favorite parts” over and over. Fantastic and very believable acting.


Loved this movie sadly due to technical difficulties I’m unable to view the end yes I am hanging !! So far brilliant sexy & kinda dark but the humorous side makes light of a pretty messed up story plus it’s hard not to be charmed by the quirky characters Please Do More !! its refreshing to see something different. And at The end of the day I think we can all relate to a little desire for a twisted seduction


…I really enjoyed watching the movie, and I was pleasantly surprised by the last 20 seconds. I think the director/ producer/ writer, Dominique, has an undisputed talent… I shared the movie with some of my not at all “twisted” friends and they like it. A lot….


I just finished watching twisted seduction and I thought it was amazing, wow the message it got across to me was great and I believe the director and actors did an amazing job. I’m looking forward to more work by the director. Keep up the great job.


Wow! I wasn’t expecting this! It is so good. I promise you I’ll be watching this again! I LOVE IT!!!


I’m breathless here in Cologne, Germany right at this moment! I’ve seen many movies in my life and Twisted Seduction is definitely among the best! Great actors, thrilling plot…I did NOT expect that ending! I’m eagerly looking forward to more of your great work…. I wish you all the best!!!!


An excellent film- well made, and always keeps you guessing


I saw everywhere (Youtube, internet, this site) it was a good movie (IT IS!) and that it has a unexpected ending. So first, when she (***REMOVED***SPOILER ALERT***)… It was a brilliant, and a bit scary movie. But I enjoyed it very well! =D


I liked it. Good film quality. Good acting. Excellent production for $30K. Reminded me of Hard Candy.


OMG i seriously have no words for this… The movie was so freaking good! I loved the ending and i will tell all my twisted friends about it! i just want to say, you guys did an amazing job and i would love to see more of this!! Greets from the Netherlands p.s i also love the sarcasm xoxo


One of the greatest films i”ve ever seen! What a TWIST at the end! HAHA


I love it! came across this movie unexpectedly, and thankfully I gave it a chance, Great movie! Good acting!


Awesome!!! Good history, very intelligent dialogues and in the final we have a surprise! I l♥ve this movie! I expect the next chapter… Are to be congratulated! GOOD MOVIE!!!


That was awesome!!! I love the ending it was a shock and unexpected.. Two thumbs way up!! Sequel please!




Wow! This movie seriously blew my mind. Ive always been fond of such movies yet it totally caught me off my guard. Im going to remember for a very long time indeed. Congratulations to the entire team for this achieving this wonderful feat!


I Have Fallen Madly In Love With This Movie And I Am And Always Will Forever Be Madly In Love With This Dynamic, Incredible, Beyond Amazing Movie. My Dream Was To Always Become An Actress And To Do Movies Like This Magnificnt Movie. When I First Seen This Movie I Immediately Told My Twisted Friends About It, But They Did Not Believe Me Until They Have Seen It For Themselves . If One Day I So Happen To See The Directed, I Would Give Them A Big Hi Five Even Though They Deserve More Than That.


Excellent movie! Was really the best movie that I have seen in a long while. Would love to see a second one!


Wow just wow. This film was incredible. The ending completely took me by surprise. I want a Twisted Seduction II as well! Well done to the whole production team this was a brilliant film and just shows what great things you can achieve with a small budget.


I totally loved this movie. What a simple yet delicious plot! Can’t wait for my hubby to get home, making him watch it with me, even if I have to tie him up! Just kidding!…


Holy shit that is messed up. I loved it. This is THE movie i have been looking for all these years. Amazing, and darkly entertaining.


I stumbled upon what is now my favorite movie ever made…


Oh David, kidnap me any time… I’ll totally comply ♥ ♥ Awesome movie


Finally watched the movie on snag films. It was great. Job well done for your first movie. Cast and music was great too, loved Tom on the guitar!


The ending made me want to see a sequel!!


A part 2? Following up on how that ending plays out … ? I would definitely watch it!


I just watched this movie last night. It was awesome!!! Best movie I’ve seen in awhile and that’s compared to all the big blockbuster movies. I just wish it was available to buy somewhere or if there was a way to copy it off the internet….


I finally made time to start “Twisted Seduction” ….I LOVED it! I LOVED it! I LOVED it! I LOVED it! I enjoyed this film tremendously. As much, or more, than any studio feature I’ve seen in quite some time! Broadwell and Brassard are both marvelous!!!!! The twist… never saw it coming. Well PLAYED Monsieur! I cannot tell you how much I loved the cast and this property! FECK!!!!!! GAWD! Just GOD!!!!! OKAY! Done for NOW! Bravi TUTTI! WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#TwistedSeduction is an #Indie gem of a #movie 🙂


u guys really really did a good job in this movie , I told all my friends and family about it , u need to share it a little bit more cuz really I AM OBSESSED with this movie and that guys accent hahah anyway I REALLY LIKE IT and it was a very fair ending , u deserve awards for that movie , it seems like u really did A HARD WORK ON THIS I AM IN LOVE WITH THISSSSSSSS BRILLIANT MOVIE.


Total mind F&*%, AWESOME


Just came across Twisted Seduction on Snag films and its amazing. Shows you what a small budget movie can accomplish. Exactly my style of movie thought provoking .Loved it!


I watched your movie, miss Caroline: Very good acting on your role. Certainly looks of bigger budget.


The storyline was incredible and totally believeable. The acting was better than I’ve seen most actors act. Bravo!


I started off just clicking random points through the movie, but soon found myself watching the entire move start to finish. I thought the story was fantastic. It was believable, interesting and well acted. The two actors extremely believable… While I was rooting for David through the entire movie, it’s a movie that I could see being in theaters with the majority of the population rooting for Francesca. I connect with David on his thoughts… Great ending as well! I like the little twist. Congratulations on making a top quality movie. I would pay money to see this in the theaters, I hope you all get it there!


Hello there, just finished watching the film and it was great. You all did a great job and I was hooked 10 minutes in. Thank you for making a great movie and wish you all the best of luck.


I absolutely love Tom. Super handsome guy. It was a super fun movie. (Watched it twice). I loved the fight of the female character and her struggle between feeling for him and her desire for self perseverance…..


Twisted Seduction is actually one of the best films i’ve ever seen. Watch me casually go bag myself a wife.


The best non-consent “romance” ever! You have to see Twisted Seduction! See it for free here-(thank me later)


Saw your movie & I can stop thinking about it. Left me feeling a little betrayed, as it played on my darkest fear.. 5 Stars!


My tears had barely dried when the film continued with an unexpected twist. I need recovery time. I will write more praise later. And indeed this message is praise. What a remarkable film! It is amazing, moving, eye opening. I am stunned and I am pleased you tackled this subject. The writing is world class. I am stunned and probably won’t sleep much tonight and I mean that in a very good way. Yes, this film should be mainstream…


I actually just finished watching it. Wow! I think you’ve proven that it doesn’t take a million dollar Hollywood budget to make a masterpiece. I found it riveting. You’ve hit the core of this dynamic better than anything I’ve ever seen. The psychological aspects kept the suspense going through the entire film and the ending was a great twist…


I watched your little movie, and I have to say I am impressed. Though the male lead’s accent was a little thick and made him a little hard to understand (at times), but overall his performance was well executed. The female lead, well let me just say you found a gem of an actress there. I loved the little plot twist at the end, it was a nice touch to let us know this wasn’t a Bollywood cookie cutter movie. Any short comings I felt this movie had is washed away with the knowledge that you guys did really well with very little…


F**king great, pardon my french, watching it now, wow, head and shoulders above all the other indies I’ve watched in the past 5 years. And they are many.


Hi there 🙂 I stumbled upon your Twisted Seduction movie trailer on youtube and I just had to watch it. It’s amazing….It drew me in straight away and the acting was great. The twist at the end was incredibly clever. I definitely will recommend your film to my friends.I really hope the world gets a chance to see it.


Great film really enjoyed it. Came across by accident last night. Makes a change from usual rubbish these days.


Great movie! I’ve been waiting for it to be released for ages. It’s so nice of you to stream it. If you’re releasing it on DVD, I’ll buy it. I love thrillers, but this one is one of a kind. Gave it a great rating on IMDB where someone said “the ending was unexpected”. Well, it sure was! Thank you guys.


Very Good. I was surprised at the end which at my age is rare. I hope you keep making films. Thank You for an entertaining evening. Peace to You.


I loved your movie! It was both sickly twisted and intriguing at the same time. I adore movies that contain such a taste for revenge, logic, and romance.


Just watched this film oh my god I loved it you totally need to make another film like this it kept me on the edge of my seat great film !! X


Hello there, I just watched the movie twisted seduction and is was amazing! The question I really want to ask is who was the make-up artist? At the moment I am studying theatrical and media make-up at college, and when I saw the make-up creations on this film i was wowed!


Wow! I just watched Twisted Seduction, and the acting in the film was phenomenal. Both of the characters in the film did an amazing job! The filming was also outstanding and high standard, along with the story line. I can’t even explain how well this movie was made and conveyed by the actors, especially Tom. If I hadn’t of known this was an independently produced film I would of legitimately thought it was made by hollywood or something. Sorry but I just wanted to say how talented Tom was at acting, and also Dominique Adams at directing. I was so intrigued, I read your website and wanted to know more, but hearing your story just blows my mind, to think Tom had near no experience of acting and Adams with directing. Amazing job to the whole cast, much love from Australia xxx Will definitely be showing my friends this film.


The movie is incredible, and for a low budget film it’s better than expensive films. I love it, I was 100 percent entertained and at points on the edge of my seat. I loved it, and cmon guys! with that twisted ending you have to make a second one about (*REMOVED – SPOILER ALERT*) PLEASE!!! p.s. it kinda turned me on a little 😉


What a seriously f*cked up and excellently executed film Twisted Seduction is. You make me feel icky for having enjoyed it. Oh, it bothers me on so many levels. Kudos.


Bestest film I’ve watched in my whole life. Can’t wait to tell my friends about it ! Tom is a good actor.




haha This movie was Awesome.. i especially liked the part where they danced but the ENDING was WOAH!!!!.. great!!!


Wow. I actually am lost for words. That is single handedly the best film i have ever watched. You are a genius !


This is the 4th time I’ve watched this movie. It is a fav. Can I just say I’m obsessed with the way David says f**k in this movie 🙂


I just finished watching “Twisted Seduction”, honestly some of the best work I’ve seen. Awesome movie! And the end totally caught me by surprise..


Nice movie,. Kinda sick romantic seeking entertainment.Thumbs up for the story.


OMG that was quite a cool movie…


Damn! What an ending!:) lol best movie. Who ever thought


David is so cool..when he served breakfast, I thought wow.. I fell in love with him already..then come all the other him.. Ending is unexpected really..Great act Tom..


OMG..its been days..and I still cant get over it..I want some more….I’m stalking David (Tom Broadwell)…lol..


Great movie! My daughter told me about it and I loved it!! Congrats, y’all did a great job. The acting was superb.


I just watched this and loved it! I thought the acting was incredible and loved the ending! Wonderful movie!


I loved it, finally was able to watch it, and you did a great job. I was very impressed. The ending was a total shocker….


I’m like all the way from Dubai – I was searching and searching for this weird “twisted” genre that I’m a fan of and I got a hold of this. THIS IS THE SHIT! Tom did a brilliant – acting! This is sick! Loved it! You guys should make more movies! I loved loved loved it! Bless you tom! I hope you go way further ahead of your acting career and make a big name! You deserve it!


I wish I could buy this movie I love it. Couldn’t stop talking about it at work


Nicely twisted end… … I did not know that Tom is an actor and producer in one person!… …I like it and it works. Well done 🙂


Really you are very good. Hope you do many movies and earn a lot of money and fame. Thanks.


Awesome film. Wow. David is so good. I was on his side right from the start.


I feel like I have to take a shower after having just watched Twisted Seduction. It pushes so many of my buttons, angering and disgusting me deeply. This is the most intense reaction I’ve had to a movie in many years. My hat’s off to you. Few other movies have ever punched me so hard in the gut.


Love it!!! David is sooo bloody HOT!


I can’t say how fantastic I find this film. This is so real and simply that I watched this movie… I don’t know the 3rd time. I’m loving it.


I guess I have a twisted mind as well because I would come on my own….no need to sneak up behind me…What a HOTTTT!!!! guy. Thanks for the upload… I need to Google his name so I can see some more of his movies…..The whole package of a goddish he carries when he walks and talk is super HOT


The best f*cking independent movie!!!!! Just great!!


OMG thought the entire movie I thought it was completely predictable by her falling in love with him. but the ending…. left me speechless. this is some Steven Spielberg shit! Love the movie, keep up the good work!!


That guy (TOM) make me think of a sober Russell Brand. LOL


I’m so enjoying this film, almost all Hollywood movies seem to leave me cold.


As good as debut independent films shot on shoestring budgets get. Salsa and popcorn. Great ending.


Very good movie…I like it very much….The dialogues of the female lead is superb…finally the ending is awesome….that is differentiate this movie from the other movies having similar plot…. 🙂


Cool movie. I liked it and to tell you the truth guys, I like one in every 1000 movie I watch. I do not mind seeing certain parts again too, because the dialogue is really interesting as well.


I loved this movie so much. I hope you make a Twisted Seduction 2.


one word. Amazing totally did not see anything coming and the end was epic cheers


Really, really great! This movie is so amazing! Very good job!!! Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße aus Deutschland or thanks and greetings from Germany! 🙂


Wow. I found the trailer to the movie by a coincidence and knew that I had to watch it. I started to watch it with pretty high expectations and it didn’t only fulfill them but even exceeded them. The ending was really unpredictable and I enjoyed the movie very much 🙂


I just saw twisted seduction and all I can say is was awesome especially the curve ball you guys threw i the end …simply amazing! hats off to you guys on this brilliant effort!


Good movie, nicely done, unpredictable and captivating till the it my favourite


I just saw twisted seduction and all I can say is was awesome especially the curve ball you guys threw i the end …simply amazing! hats off to you guys on this brilliant effort!


GOSHHHH guys!!! EXCELLENT MOVIE!!! =O =DD I am student in a Drama School and I would LOVE -someday- to play in a movie like this one!!! EXCELLENT STORY!!!! So amazing!!! Very good job!! BRAVO guys!!!=) Greetings from GREEK CYPRUS!!!”