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David Grant is a British genius living in Montreal on a quest to find his true love. After finding traditional dating methods a statistical disaster, this Harvard graduate and mathematician has come up with a precise analysis to find his perfect  match. To speed up the “falling in love” process, that he believes is an inevitable outcome, he decides to kidnap her to accelerate their romance.

His chosen match is Francesca Besson, an intelligent, strong minded sales executive. Based on said analysis, the two have a 99.3% compatibility ratio. Are science and mathematical laws powerful enough to manufacture a relationship? Can a person be seduced against their will?





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  1. I was looking for this movie for so long and I am so glad that I found it today.
    The movie is totally amazing and the story line is brilliant plus the acting is good too. You all did a brilliant job and I hope to see more of your work in future.

  2. I love it! came across this movie unexpectedly, and thankfully I gave it a chance, Great movie! Good acting!

  3. Wow! I wasn’t expecting this! It is so good. I promise you I’ll be watching this again! I LOVE IT!!! :)
    Much love

  4. hello I,ve read the comments and seems like a great movie to watch but I cant seem to find it anywhere and for some reason am unable to watch it here…
    Thank you

    • Sorry you are having difficulties. You can also visit http://snagfilms.com and search ‘Twisted Seduction’ you will be able to stream it on there directly from the hosting site.

  5. J’ai hâte de voir la nouvelle version qui sortira vers août 2014 surtout si mes deux chouchous sont dedans Matt Bomer et Alexis Bledel. Pourvu qu’ils acceptent et bravo aux producteurs pour ce choix

  6. Absolutely love this film. Beautifully made and fabulous acting. It has you questioning your own sanity due to the emotions you feel for the characters. A must watch, and the ending will leave you gobsmacked.

    • Thank you for the nice comments. Glad you enjoyed the our film and the ending! :)

  7. Heard this movie is gonna be remade? Please tell me i heard right, cos i love this!!!
    P.s David is a great actor!!

  8. Oh. My. Gosh. I don’t even know what to say. I stumbled upon this while working and after 3 minutes, couldn’t turn it off. Had to pause the movie, take a business call, and straight back to the movie. NEVER hated work so much!

    This is one of the most intriguing movies I have ever seen. You guys are amazing. I WANT MORE!!!!! I would sit and watch a 4-hour remake of this just to watch a more detailed version of the psychological dance he does with her while seducing her against her will. Please make a sequel!

    • Why thanks you Carrie! Thanks for taking the time to post this awesome comment (a repost is going STRAIGHT to our FB page :) Glad you enjoyed it! And be sure to tell your twisted friends about it 😉

  9. Just an amazingly good movie!
    Watched it twice and can’t wait to watch it again.
    Sure hope that another one is in the works.

    • Thanks Doug! What an awesome comment, thanks for taking the time to write it!

  10. That was a movie to watch,it was intense I love it I was so not expecting the last part it got me hooked great job.thumbs upp and to Mr Grant I can always be your perfect match

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