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  1. Hey, so a friend of mine recommended this movie to me telling me how its totally awesome with a dramatic ending. At first i didn’t believe her as I’m not such a big fan of low budget movies. Today something came over me to watch and my God, i was left shocked at what an amazing film this was. Totally speechless. I would like to congratulate the film makers of this movie for doing a great job.

    In addition to this, i am also a film writer and an experienced actress who hasn’t been given the chance to show off her acting skills. Therefore, if you ever need an actor I’m free to take part 😀

    once again i highly enjoyed this movie and will recommend it to all my friends. please get back to me and Thank You for the entertainment. x


  2. I actually hoped he would achieve what he set out to do. I actually started to believe that it was o.k. that he kidnapped her and then they (*REMOVED* SPOILER ALERT)….. I almost cried at that part, THEN (*REMOVED* SPOILER ALERT) If the movie would have ended there I still would of claimed it is now my favorite movie of all time! THEN WTF! My delusion was shattered and (*REMOVED* SPOILER ALERT) If it seems too good to be true, it probably is! Just sayin’ anyway, this was one of the best films I have ever seen. What a TWISTED idea! I absolutely LOVED it! I write and I wish I could think of something as brilliantly simple as this was. Hey, this could happen! Soooo, if ya want to kidnap someone! I’ll make a good show of putting up a fight and all that! Just kidding! (not really) lol I feel kinda crazy after just watching the damn thing! MAKE ANOTHER it was absolutely BRILLIANT! I can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Bring it on psychos!

    • Thanks Becky! Sorry, we had to edit your comment due to a few spoilers alert. Glad you enjoyed. Now go on.. tell your ‘twisted’ friends about it 😉

      • Hey I would really like to see the sequel. And you guys should really make a sequel. I so thought that he was… ( ***REMOVED *** SPOILER ALERT ***) …please make a second one. I could donate one hundred or two hundred dont matter … I’m so going to tell all of my friends about this movie. I love watching kidnapping movies and this one was the BEST one ever. So please make another one!!!!

  3. Loved this movie sadly due to technical difficulties I’m unable to view the end yes I am hanging !!
    So far brilliant sexy & kinda dark but the humorous side makes light of a pretty messed up story plus it’s hard not to be charmed by the quirky characters
    Please Do More !! its refreshing to see something different
    And at The end of the day I think we can all relate to a little desire for a twisted seduction

    • No way!… You missed the best part!!! You HAVE to see the ending. Thanks for the nice comments but get back to us when you see the ending!! :)

  4. It was just a blast, I’d never seen something like this, perfectly written and directed, you should definitely get an Academy Award, YOU GUYS F***CKIN’ ROCK! I will never forget it and I am going to share with everyone, I am writer and I wish I could ever write something like this in the future, congratulations!

    • Very kind of you Aubrey, but unfortunately, most people do not think like you. We had a paypal link for people to donate to help support the filmmakers and we received no donations. You can contribute by telling all the twisted friends you can find! :)

  5. The movie was absolutly perfect! I was shocked how te movie was professional and excelent! I recommended to my friends.
    Karolina, from the Czech Republic

  6. This movie is super good! I came across the preview on YouTube and decided to watch it. I was super surprised when I found the full movie (and for free -thanks for that!) and I was instantly hooked. I was really shocked by the ending, I never would have guessed. It made me wonder how much he said to her was actually true…
    Anywho, this movie was AMAZING and great job to the people who were apart of making this happen! :)

    • Thanks Summer! Glad we hooked you AND shocked you. Now go on… tell your twisted friends 😉

  7. Go to and I bet you will get the funds you need for a sequel. I can’t believe you got zero donations. That is just awful. When I can I will donate!

  8. Hi!
    Do you have an e mail address I can use to send you a comment?
    I don’t want it public.

  9. Dear neibourg, P.S. I live 6XX de la commune, Montreal
    C’est avec plaisir et “””un peu d’apréhension””” que j’ai apprécié votre film
    So the guy next door wish you world wide succes

  10. Fucking mental! Well orchestrated with perfect timing in scenes, not a second spared or not thought through. Creating the exact desired effect. Well done from another Mancunian!

  11. TOTAL MIndfuck!! I loveeed it!! MAKE A SEQUEL! and the actor…le raaaawwwwwrr!!! i mean he was a total psycho but in a good way 😀

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