1. Wow…Just wow. I can’t remember the last movie I saw where I was so completely surprised. This is just brilliant.

  2. I really enjoy this film, i can tell you will have a great succes!

  3. I love this movie ! it was difficult to watch it because of the slowness of my computer but i enjoyed it anyway !
    Nice work guys

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!

    This is unreal, I love love love this movie.
    Caroline Brassard’s act is AMAZING, Tom Broadwell is hansom enough, and there is not enough credit to be said about the super everything
    Dominique Adams.

    Believe it or not, all my life I have been fantasizing such love story to happened to me, as I very much relate to Francesca’s lifestyle and approach towards men; and David ‘s mindset about living, love and finding our match.

    My best line is the “universe” one.
    My favorite scenes are:

    #3 When she started to sing along while he was playing the guitar.

    #2 When he covers her up, while she was half naked.

    #1 When she (***REMOVED***SPOILER***)

    One thing though, the very last ending scene has turned me off, as it (***REMOVED***SPOILER***).

    Don’t get me wrong such ending still makes it a more of a twisted movie and good one, but brakes the awesome love story of finding a compatible women for him and ruins the romance.

    if I were to chose an ending, it would be that:

    1- David… (***REMOVED***SPOILER***)

    No matter what, I still am in love with the movie and so addicted to it that I day dream its scenes and plot.

    Very well done

    • TwistedSeduction TwistedSeduction

      Gee… Wow… that is quite a review! Thank you so much for taking the time to write in details your reaction to the film. We’ve read every part of it, but had to edit the little spoilers (for people who are browsing the site and did not see it yet). As always, we’re posting your review on our Facebook page and on this site. Many thanks again! 🙂

  5. Mine keeps stopping and restarting at 7.50 rr help!

  6. I absolutely loved this film. I love things that others usually consider sick and I just stumbled across the preview today while on youtube. This movie was definitely worth my time and I extremely enjoyed it. I have been searching for the past while to find another good film that i’d like because most every single one I find, I have already watched. Plus netflix doesn’t have that many sick minded ones available on instant. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good movie to watch. Especially if you have a little bit of a “sick” mind.

  7. This movie is just perfect!
    It made me think of so much things that I do not think about at all.. the acting was really good 🙂 and the camera work.. ahhh i loved it. This is the first movie i have learned so much about other people feelings.. how difficult they can be and at he same time easy. The end I didn’t expect at all.. when David (*REMOVED – SPOILING ALERT*) …I cried, because it was so sad.. and heart breaking.

    After watching this movie I started think differently.. My head is full of thoughts about this movie and it’s weird, because i can write only a little bit of them 😀 Need 2nd part (with second girl) 😉 Definitely will watch it again 🙂 KEEP UP WITH GOOD WORK GUYS!!! [Sorry about my English, tried my best] 🙂

    • TwistedSeduction TwistedSeduction

      Thank you so much Natālija for taking the time to write to us. It’s greatly appreciated and we’re glad you loved our little film! PS: Tell your friends 🙂

  8. the movie is great , but a question i have there is a movie in german

  9. That deserves much applaude, well done 🙂
    but for dvd 2 different endings should be made
    Do writer and director planes or has any more movies, because it definately deserves so
    And would like to ask about that combatibility test, do something this exists in real life too or the idea was based just on astrology

    • TwistedSeduction TwistedSeduction

      Thanks Ray! The kind words are much appreciated 🙂 The compatibility test is ALL made up from writer/director Dominique Adams. He’s got a project in the works which he is raising money for. Thanks again.

  10. i must say the ending was predictable for me because according to the character david is very smart iin fact too smart to get twisted only with 1 girl
    i really enjoyed this movie it’s a geart story very intresting and i related to it see the details are so well done i felt every single word he or she said i appreciate this kind of movies, very original . btw i love the acting : it felt realistic and that is a great advantage

  11. Two words…… Motherf****** amazing!!!!
    Congratulations to all of you, hands down this is the most suspenseful, thrilling movie I’ve seen! No mediocrity, not 100% predictable. I just- I loved this. All of you from the actors, to the director to the person who came up with this idea you are all talented and blessed. 🙂 hope you guys continue with the good work! Ugh God I could relate to Francesca and David on so may levels ugh mind blown and captivated. Amazing. Fantastic. Incrredible

    • TwistedSeduction TwistedSeduction

      Ah… thanks! We are definitely reposting this to our FB page! 🙂 Thanks for your awesome comment and we’re glad you enjoyed our movie.

  12. Is there a part II coming out?

  13. The ending was kind of blur for me but this was my own understanding of what is the meaning of it. David pretend of being shot by a bullet to see what will be the reaction of Francesca. He found out that she love him and didn’t want him to die. I want to see the plot of this movie in Wikipedia. Because some of the scene wasn’t clear for me. BY THE WAY, I discovered this movie while watching some videos on pornhub. I don’t why it was being suggested on that kind of site. LOL! ~A movie watcher from Asia (Philippines), me, Ella~

    • TwistedSeduction TwistedSeduction

      Thanks for watching Ella. ***SPOILER ALERT*** So David wanted to know if Francesca REALLY loved him, so he arranged to be taken out, so he would see her true and genuine reaction. If she would have been happy and relieved, then he would have known that she didn’t care for him and his ‘seduction’ plan would have failed. Makes sense? Hope it’s a bit clearer 🙂

  14. Frozen_Eclipse

    Very good film, found a trailer by accident and I thought it was something completely different, never expected something this brilliant!
    I loved every minute of it and was genuinely surprised quite a few times in the film, 5 star material! (for me anyway)
    Excellent work, would 99.3% recommend this film to other people!

    • TwistedSeduction TwistedSeduction

      Ha ha… 99.3% (according to David Grant) is almost perfection! 😉 Thanks for the comment and hope you told your twisted friends about it!

  15. Ok here goes the honest truth, the storyline is very rare. A good thing..you want rare, different, not like any other movie, one of a kind type of storyline so thats a good thing. The picture and quality could’ve been better. Maybe better shot scenes at different angle…also the picture couldve been edited sharper so its clearer. Most throughout the movie, it was dark and blurry or so how i saw it..the acting at some parts was very noticable, natural makes a good actor or actress. Also show more emotion. Balance the two ot to show natural. The music? Hmmm…its louder than the audio. Tone it down and use soft music not hard thriller music…but overall i give it a standing ovation. The storyline is whats going to sell. You really have to be rare to beat the rest. So good job guys. Hope to see more of your work.

    • TwistedSeduction TwistedSeduction

      Agree 100% with your analyse. We had a $30K budget and a crew of film students. PLUS, it was the directors’ first ANYTHING. He edited the sound and the movie without any experience in both, so the learning curve was deep with all the technical stuff. We’re very happy that the people are enjoying the storyline on it’s own as you did. Many thanks for the comment and be sure to tell your twisted friends! 🙂

  16. Greg White

    He kidnaps her makes her fall in love with him then (* REMOVED – SPOILER *) I wonder if she ever forgave him for doing that.

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